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Why should I use sex toys?

Quite simply: Because it’s fun! Sex toys are an enrichment for the entire love life. Toys make you happy, bring excitement and variety to relationships, to sex together or solo – and there’s simply nothing wrong with them. You can use sex toys alone to (re)discover your body, your lust and your needs. You will learn a lot about yourself, which can also be helpful when you have sex together – because only those who know their own body well and know where and which touches arouse can also convey this to their partner.

Love toys are also ideal for sex in pairs. They can invigorate a relationship, breathe new life into routine and rekindle love – because discovering new things together stimulates body and mind. Why sex toys are good for you is because it is important for your own and shared sexuality to try something new.

Is using sex toys normal?

What is normal? The fact is, however, that what used to be a taboo subject is now an integral part of many people’s love lives. 53% of 18 to 60 year olds now own sex toys – 39% of them even have more than four sex toys in their nightstand. Today we live differently. And we love differently. Free, self-determined, open-minded. Without limits in the head and raised index finger. We do what we feel like doing – and find out what makes us want to.

Who actually uses sex toys and for what?

There is not only a variety of love toys, they are also versatile. Sex toys such as vibrators and the like are not only used – as is often assumed – for masturbation, but above all for shared lovemaking or foreplay. Many women like to use sex toys such as lay-on vibrators when having sex with their partner in order to be stimulated clitorally in addition to intercourse. Because very few women achieve orgasm through pure penetration. But a sex toy during sex is not just a woman’s domain. Many men also enjoy anal stimulation with an anal dildo or anal vibrator during sex. Many toys of this type are specially shaped so that they can easily reach the male prostate for an intensive prostate massage. This use of sex toys also enriches the shared lovemaking enormously.

What types of sex toys are there?

And the even more important question, which sex toy is right for me? On this website you will find a huge selection of sex toys – from classic to unusual. The classic for women is a dildo or vibrator. A specially shaped G-spot vibrator reaches the female pleasure spot inside the vagina, while a rabbit vibrator pampers both the G-spot and the clitoris with an additional stimulation arm. A lay-on vibrator is specially made for clitoral stimulation.

Men can choose between penis masturbators and cock rings for more endurance, a harder erection and more intense orgasms. Cock rings with vibration are also ideal for couples, as the vibrating element also massages the clitoris during sex. Both sexes can benefit from anal stimulation. Special butt plugs stretch gently – for example in preparation for anal intercourse – and specifically stimulate the many nerve endings in the region around the anus.

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