16 Household Things That You Can Use As Sex Toys

You’re surrounded by sex toys at home and you don’t even know it. As the saying goes, with a little imagination, anything can be a dildo. And why should you dig out the handcuffs from the bottom drawer when your partner can just take off their belt? Plus, if you’re just using what’s in front of you, you don’t have to interrupt the mood to find the right equipment. While many people find sex toys exciting, others would rather stuff panties in someone’s mouth than a ball gag – and that’s pretty hot, too.

Household Things That You Can Use As Sex Toys

From the washing machine just mentioned to your electric toothbrush, we show you more about a handful of household appliances and objects that are also ideal as sex toys.


Take advantage of the fall clothes pile in your bedroom. After all the stress of putting those pantyhose on and off, you deserve a sexy treat. Get creative and incorporate them into a BDSM game with your partner. Wrap them around your eyes like an eye patch, or tie them around your wrists and ankles to tie them securely to your bedpost.

Back massager

Back massager

You can massage your neck, your back or you can try a more erotic massage with this vibrator replacement. Experiment with different angles, types, and strengths to find what works for you. And don’t forget to give it a good clean before putting it back on your desk chair.

Electric razor

If you find it at home and it vibrates, you can basically assume that someone has masturbated with it before. After removing the razor head, your partner can hold the razor handle (WARNING: not the part the blade sat on!) against your clitoris as a makeshift vibrator.


Your next relaxing evening will be significantly hotter. Position your erogenous zones under the running water tap, put your legs to your sides and enjoy the ray of joy. Experiment with different strength levels and temperatures to see what you like. Bonus: once you’re done, just slide back into the tub, toss in a bath bomb, and continue to relax.

Shower head

Shower head

With a few skillful maneuvers, a hand-held shower head can feel like a gentle (but effective) vibrator. Hold the head directly against your clit, then try different water levels and spray variations to see what works best for you. Whether you’re taking a morning shower or taking a relaxing bath, you’re wet either way, so what could be a better place to get it?


It might be a cliché, but with good reason – the trusty cucumber is probably the oldest masturbatory vegetable around. It comes in different lengths and thicknesses and is extremely firm, making it perfect for penetration. Once you’ve chosen one, be sure to wash it and put on a condom before using it.


A sex toy in the fruit department of your neighborhood supermarket for less than $1? Just remember to wash and put a condom on any phallic fruit or vegetable before inserting it.

Washing machine

We all remember the iconic Mad Men moment when Betty Draper discovers the vibrating power of her washing machine — and it wasn’t some Hollywood illusion. The spin cycle is arguably one of the oldest vibrators out there. A little tip: Play with different loads and objects in the laundry drum.

Your cellphone


Don’t act like you’ve never thought about it! Your phone will vibrate anyway and you don’t even need to set your alarm because there’s this app. In fact, there are some apps that turn your phone into a vibrator, and they’re listed discreetly in the “Health & Fitness” sections of app stores. Just check them out, download them (most of them are free), clean your phone, put a body-safe silicone case on it and go down one floor. Your phone might not have enough vibrating power to get you cumming, but it’s a relaxing starter to have at home.

Ice cubes

Ice cubes

One of the most exciting sex-sations you’ll find right in your freezer (no, not that frozen bolo you should have thrown out weeks ago – throw it away, please). Temperature play can stimulate your nerve endings during sex. And if ice cream is so easy to make, why not give it a try?

Facial cleansing brush

You probably already know what wonders the vibration of a Clarisonic facial cleansing brush can do for your skin. What you may not be familiar with is how the buzz can make you cum when you hold the other end (brush facing you) of the Clarisonic to your clitoris. Incidentally, orgasms improve your complexion all by themselves. And if you use the Clarisonic to cleanse your face and get off, you’ve doubled the benefits!



Hands up if the first device you masturbated with was your hairbrush (me! here!). The ribbed gel grip provides extra fun. However, wash them with antibiotic soap and water before each use.


Bondage ropes can be hot, but when your partner just takes off the belt and uses it to tie up in the heat of the moment, it can be even hotter.

Electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrush

The battery of your fancy adult vibrator is dead? Your partner can hold the handle of your electric toothbrush against your clitoris – but please remember to wash it thoroughly afterwards.


For gentle BDSM play, you can get your partner to take off your panties, roll them up and put them in your mouth. Of course, people who don’t care much about cleanliness are welcome to pull a clean copy out of the underwear drawer.

Neck tie

If you want to experiment with bondage with your partner, a tie is a good place to start. Tell your boo to use a silk tie to tie your wrists together, or use it on his/hers (if prompted, of course).

Make your own sex toys

The financial factor cannot be ignored either: you save money if you use your household items as sex toys. While good vibrators can produce clitoral orgasms that feel like they’ll last for days, so can the warm spray from your shower head. Household items are also location-dependent – your washing machine, for example. By encouraging you to have your sweetheart somewhere else than in bed, they can heat up your sex life even more. Enjoy!

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